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Ergen Deda

Bulgarian Song

Part Number






Music By

Peter Lyondev

with Percussion


The old bachelor, red-faced old man,

like this and like that, (nonsense syllables)

wearing his peasant hat sideways,

like this and like that, etc.

tipped up and down,

He went to the village, 
and joined the circle dance,
to dance next to the maidens,
All the maidens ran away,
only the youngest one stayed,

the youngest one, Angelina.


Featured at:

2013 NJACDA Reading Session


G# in mm. 21-23
No key change in m. 124 (G# remains)
Voices should resolve on the downbeat of m. 133 (omitted): D to C#, B to C#, continue holding F# and G#
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